Information to customers

Settlement Procedure:

Please deposit cheques payable to "KAM FAI SECURITIES CO., LIMITED" to the following bank accounts of the Company on (T+2) Day:
Company Name: 金辉证券有限公司 (KAM FAI SECURITIES CO., LIMITED)
Bank: 中国银行(香港) (BANK OF CHINA (HONG KONG))
Company Account: 012-875-2-019888-0

COMPANY ACCOUNT: 280-4-443949

Customers should write their name and stock account number on the bank's deposit slip and fax it to the company for verification.
Fax No.:( 852 ) 23813936
Note:All faxes received after 4pm will be processed on the next working day.
Stock receipts are sent to customers on 1 day (T+1) after the stock is traded.

Sale and Purchase:

♦Before placing a sell order, the client must deposit not less than the number of stocks sold with the Company. The name of the physical share holder must be the same as the name of the stock account holder. If the physical stock is registered in the name of the nominee, proof of being the ultimate beneficiary of the physical stock must be provided.
♦When trading stocks, customers may call his/her own broker or place stock trading instructions directly through the Company's order adjuster, provided that the client's name and stock account number must be reported first. All stock orders are recorded by telephone calls.
♦If you have any questions about stock trading, you can call his/her own broker or call the trading director directly. Phone :( 852 ) 2522 6218
♦If you wish to withdraw money, please fill in the withdrawal form, sign it and fax it to the Company. Withdrawal can only be made into the customer's bank account. The Company will not accept requests from customers to issue third party cheques.
♦If you wish to withdraw shares or transfer shares to other companies, please complete the Company's settlement instruction form and fax it to the Company. Fax No.: ( 852 ) 23813936
♦Cash and margin account balances are interest-free