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The rules for entering, amending and canceling orders during the Open Auctions session are as follows:

Auction period

9:30 - 9:44 AM 9:45 - 9:49 AM 9:50 AM

Transaction status

Order Pre-market session/TD Matching

Acceptable Orders

Auction orders and limit orders Auction orders

Order Amendment

Yes Cannot Cannot

Please note that all limit orders entered during the auction session that cannot be filled will be automatically carried to the continuous trading session. After market close, all orders that cannot be filled during the continuous trading session will be automatically cancelled.


Both warrants and warrants have a preset expiry date. Please note that after the last trading day set by the issuer, the trading of the relevant product will not be carried out. Investors should check the relevant dates before investing in products such as warrants and warrants. Warrants and warrants may become worthless on the expiry date, so investors should appropriately drive or sell these products before the expiry date. Stock prices can go down as well as up and past performance is not indicative of future returns. When investors invest in stocks, they do not necessarily make a profit and may lose most or all of their principal.


The online trading service is purely a system that provides you with order instructions to Kam Fai Securities, and your orders are still subject to the approval of Kam Fai Securities before they can be sent to the market for order execution. As you can control the online trading services and complete transactions without the participation of Kam Fai Securities staff. Therefore, you are solely responsible for placing your orders, amending or cancelling your orders by logging in to the website using your e-Verify and Password. Kam Fai Securities shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the use of the Services by mishandling, negligence or unauthorized use of your e-Certificate and password. Notwithstanding that you have received a confirmation reply from Kam Fai Securities' system, whether your order can be transmitted to the market is still subject to Kam Fai Securities' decision to transmit or refuse to transmit. Therefore, there may be a lead time between the confirmation of the reply and the communication of the market. Your order may be rejected at a later time. Electronic trading facilities are computerized systems for the routing, execution, matching, registration or settlement of trade orders. Trading through one electronic trading system may be different from trading through other electronic trading systems. If you trade through an electronic trading system, you are exposed to the risks associated with that system, including the risk that the hardware or software of the system may fail. System failure may result in your orders not being executed in accordance with the instructions, or even not executing them at all. Transactions on the Internet may experience transmission interruption, transmission stoppage, transmission delay due to heavy Internet traffic, or data transmission errors may occur because the Internet is a public facility, etc. The transaction amount and available cash shown in Interactive Quote Trading and Real-time Quote Trading do not include commission, government stamp duty and transaction levy, all accounts are subject to the sale and purchase agreement sent by the Company to the customer, if you have any questions, please call the customer service hotline of Kam Fai Securities Limited: 2815-6565。
Financial markets are subject to certain risks, and investment prices can go down as well as up.