About Us

Kam Fai Securities Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "KFS") is listed on the Main Board of HKEx, and an SFC regulated body for securities trading (Type 1 Activity). We primarily provide services in securities trading to institutions and individuals and margin financing. We provide professional services and a convenient, secured online trading platform to more than 2,000 prestigious clients, powered and supported by our very experienced team. KFS is also a participant of the Central Clearing and Settlement System, so our clients trade stocks freely and deposit them securely. In order to protect the rights of each of our client, KFS upholds and maintains high standard of compliance with respect to relevant securities legislation and regulations, thereby earning our good reputation and contribute to the securities market.

Kam Fai Securities Company Limited. is a Hong Kong-registered securities company founded in 1996. The company-owned business operation centre is equipped with advanced and sound facilities. Our shareholders, management and agents firmly uphold our professional values of "Allegiance and Dependability" to provide professional and efficient securities dealing services. Our company has dedicated a customer hotline and offers complimentary consultation services regarding dealing in securities.

HKEX Participant No#

♦ 5245-5249,5470-5471,5476-5479


♦ ADV911